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Sue Faulks is an artist, illustrator,
and tutor based in Leicestershire.

How I Illustrate, from Start to Finish

Each commission I take is different in its requirements and will always be approached as such. There is however a process which I usually follow:

  • After receiving visuals from the client, I prepare a quote based on an hourly rate, and the job budget.
  • After approval of the price, if required I produce a small sample for style, which not only echoes the visual but also brings it to life.
  • Compositional traces are then drawn and approved.
  • Once the client is completely happy, I begin to create the finished illustration to the dimensions, colours and details specified by the client. I always aim to get the illustration right the first time round.
  • I understand the great importance of deadlines, and will always do my very best to meet them.

Portraits & Bespoke Fine Art

There are similarities between how I create these pieces of art, and my illustration process:

  • Firstly, a consultation takes place to ascertain what is required, from which I formulate a quote.
  • Then if required, I can e- mail or post a compositional drawing of the portrait for the client’s approval.
  • When this is received, I commence the final artwork- a beautiful, bespoke piece of art.
  • I can mount and frame the piece if desired, and an inscription can be added to the mount or painting for posterity.

Payment & Delivery Method

To be individually negotiated per commission.

Terms and Conditions

  • A 50% non-refundable deposit is required before the commission can begin. For larger commissions, I will accept a 30% deposit.
  • The balance is due on completion but before the final receipt of the commission.
  • If the client desires to use third party source material, permission needs to be provided from the copyright holder by the client.
  • Customer satisfaction is imperative; therefore small amendments will be made when necessary. However, there will be an extra charge for adjustments that are contrary to the initial brief.
  • The client agrees that Sue Faulks may use commissioned photos and artwork in a promotional, printing and sales capacity.


Prices will vary according to the number of subjects in the composition, complexity, size and specific requirements. Mounting and framing are costed separately (POA).